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The Roadstercycle A fantastic combination of muscle and 3 wheels!
The Texas Rocket If you have a dream, He'll make it work!!
Kips Cars Kips Killer Three Wheelers! Worth visiting!
Morgan Three Wheeler This is the best Morgan three wheeler site I've found to date! Worth visiting!
The TriMagnum R.Q. Rileys Honda powered street prowler!
Project TriMag Bills TriMag project, Great step by step work in progress!!
The TriHawk Front wheel drive seperates this car from the "wanna be bad" wheelers!
Bruce Truxall's
Here are some real nice pictures of another smoking Trihawk! Owned by Bruce Truxall.
The Tryane This is the work of a master craftsmen!
Freeway Facts The Free-Way was designed to be a basic, no frills transportation vehicle for one person.
The IndyCycle The IndyCycle is a street-legal hybrid of an Indycar and a motorcycle.
The Shrike Super-fast and wild looking home-built! Clear the flight deck please!!
The Cursor It's the Cursor Microcar. Factory built in Britain, the Cursor was designed to allow sixteen year olds to drive a car type vehicle on the UK roads, with only a moped license
The Blackjack Zero The Zero delivers the excitement of a bike with greater comfort, more sociability and reverse gear! Light and elemental, the Zero involves you with the driving experience, evoking the delights of vintage sports car motoring in a thoroughly contemporary way
The Lomax Lomax are probably the worlds largest company providing 2CV Based Kit cars.
The Lomax 2CV Car Club The '2CV Kitcarclub' was founded in 1991 and has mainly Dutch speaking CitroŽn 2CV based kit car (e.g. Patron, Falcon, Burton, Lomax, Charon and Manx) owners.
BRA Motor Works This website is the official website of BRA Motor Works, the original manufacturers of the CX3, CV3, Leighton, and MR3 3-wheeled roadsters. We have also included information on the BRA Q4 and BRA 289. Pages specific to the BRA 427, BRA J-type and BRA P-type will be added soon..
Morgan Motors Morgan made its very first public appearance at the Olympia Motor Show in 1910.
Morgan 3 wheeled Motors This is now a copy of a defunct page on the morgan 3 wheeler. If you have any information, please contact us so we can update our links.
Morgan 3 Wheeler Club The objectives of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club are simple and sincere: to promote among enthusiasts a feeling of
friendship and helpfulness that will contribute to the 'common good'.
We believe the MTWC to be one of the finest one-make car clubs in the country, and perhaps the world.
American Trike
Not the Original North American Trike, but a good starting place for parts and other things.
American Trike
The Original North American Trike site, no longer maintained and WAY out of date.
if you have a new location for this, please email me and let me know!.
TTW Tilting Three Wheelers, They are exciting, efficient, relatively safe, and very comfortable.
Recumbent Trike How to build a short wheel base Recumbent Trike.
Component Cars
This site is a winner! It has wonderful information on many ultra-rare 3Wheelers.
Max's Scooter page This site has a good collection of various Three Wheeled Cars, many nice rides.
An Isetta Story This site has a good collection of Isetta photos and a fantastic info/story!
Brothers of
the Third Wheel
Brothers of the Third Wheel, "American Style Trike" site, home to some very wild trikes.

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