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The Shrike

The Shrike has Lotus (i.e. Triumph Spitfire) front suspension,
Porsche steering, and 60 hp worth of Yamaha 650 Maxim power.

1/4 mile: 17 seconds at 78 mph, 35 mpg at 85 mph,
and handles like a sports car. It was built in 1984
and was driven daily for 78,000 miles.

The name Shrike, was picked because it sounds a little
like "shriek" and because of its namesake, a very tough little
bird which impales edible goodies on tree branches to impress
potential mates.

The proud builder. Dave delivered a paper, The Design of a
Three-Wheeled, High Performance Sports/Commuter Vehicle,
to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in Vancouver B.C.
in August of 1983. The paper describes the stability,
efficiency and safety for the design.
E-Mail Dave for more details.

The TriMagnum

R.Q. Riley designed numerous cars in the early 70's which were sold as plans and instructions which a builder would use to fabricate a car from scratch. Periodically featured in Popular Mechanics and renowned for their ingenious construction.

All of them used VW mechanicals, available from off the most parts stores and junk yards, with urethane foam / fiberglass sandwich bodies. One of the most Recognisable of these cars was the Tri-magnum. This car is still popular enough that plans are still available at R.Q. Riley's website.

The Tri-Magnum was a strong, futuristic looking 3-wheeler based on a motorcycle drivetrain ( builders choice ) and a VW front beam. Kits came with the a body and a tubular steel frame. If built from scratch the owner had to build his own frame and body.

VW Front Braking ( drum ) and Rear brake from the donor motorcycle ( disc ). a bug steering box was used to aim the car. Since most motorcyles don't have a reverse gear an electric motor was used to back-up. The car featured a heavy flip-up canopy and pop-up headlights.

The T-Rex


Vehicle type: Mid engine RWD Three Wheeler
structure:Steel tube frame with fiberglass body work
Cost of [CALL for latest pricing] US


Type: Longitudinal liquid-cooled 1.1-liter
Four-cylinder: aluminium block and heads
Compression ratio:10.0:1
Power (bhp):155@9500 rpm
Torque (lbs.ft):81@7500 rpm
Valvetrain:doch,four valves per cylinder


Type: Five speed sequential manual


Curb weight(lbs.):822


0-60 mph(sec):4.3
Top speed (mph) 130

For more info:
Campagna Motorsport
Plessisville,Quebec CANADA g6l 2l1
Tel:819-362-7521 Fax:819-362-3490

The Trihawk

The front wheel drive engine/tranny combination was borrowed from the CitroŽn GSA, a car which was never imported into the US. The 1299cc 4 cylinder boxer engine was well suited to the task. Other components were borrowed production vehicles, such as the front suspension and rear trailing arm coming from the Renault R5,steering rack from a Renault Alliance and assorted dash gauges from Honda

The Yellow Trike

The front suspension is out of a Pinto which Kip tells me is 4" wider than a Chevette front end which he used on an earlier project. The wheelbase of this show stopping creation is 100", Kip reports that at 100" the car offerd valuable leg room, and had a real smooth ride.

The clutch, brake, and gas pedals are all borrowed from a VW, this seems to work out very well when using a Gold-wing for your power, the Hondas gas and clutch are both cable opperated, Kip only need to add shorter cables and fabricate brackets to keep it all working smooth.

Kip also used the VW master cylinder for his brakes, Kip wrote that this works very well, By simply running lines to both front wheels, and a line to the Hondas rear wheel, he did not need a proportioning valve for everything to work.

The shifter is sequencial, which means you pull back for first gear and then bump the shifter forward to go through the gears! Downshifting simply calls for bumping the stick back again!

The Honda Goldwing radiator is located up in the front, Kip ran his coolant lines through the frame rails.

Kip I'ld like to thank you very much for letting me add your car!
And my compliments to you on your creations, Two Thumbs Up!!
Now hold-up! E-Mail Kip! And tell him how cool his car is!!

The Hudson Kindred Spirit

Hudson Kindred Spirit has a wheelbase measuring 98"
over-all car length of 134"
A standing height of 38"
With a width of 56"
All tipping the scale at 750lbs.

The donor is a Renault R-5 Le Car
with its 1397cc Renault R-5 Le Car engine
keeping the stock front suspension and front drive
Rear suspension is a coil-over with trailing arm
All kept in place by a custom tubular steel chassis
With consumer friendly $4000 price.

The company's address is:

Hudson Component Cars,Dept.KC01
c/o The W.A.Seiler Company,6124
Washington Cir.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213-2452,

Special thanks to Kip & Marilyn Harley for sending me the
juice on this this three wheeler be sure to check out there
Web-site and see some of Kips Creations!

The Cursor

The car consists of a tubular steel chassis, onto which is mounted a fibreglass body. The body is interesting in that it was never sprayed with paint in the factory: Pigment was added to the glass fibre process instead, leading to a self coloured bodyshell. This idea may have reduced production costs and time, but in practice, the pigment does not retain its colour well, when exposed to the sunlight.The car has one seat, and a surprising amount of luggage space in the back.

The vehicle has the whole back end of a Suzuki moped built into it. Including: Engine/Gearbox, Final drive chain, Drum brake, rear suspension, and petrol tank. The makers also used other Suzuki moped parts including: Front headlights, Speedometer, and front indicators.

The design speed, as with any modern moped is 30mph, but the car can exceed 40mph in the right conditions. Petrol consumption is in the region of 90mpg, and it only seems to sip the two-stroke oil in its oil tank.

Tech Spec:

49cc Suzuki CS50 power unit.
Electric start.
3 speed automatic gearing.
Self coloured GRP Bodyshell.
Tubular Steel chassis.
Hydraulic drum brakes on front/Hydro-mechanical drum brakes on rear.
Designed to fit moped regulations in UK.

Manufacturer: Replicar Ltd, Dunkirk, Kent U.K. Designer: Alan Hatswell.

Approx number made >100. Life of production: 2 years (1985-1987).

The Scorpian

Grinnal Autos started in 1983 as a Triumph Tr7/8 conversion specialist that later developed into the maker of the Scorpion. A hot and sexy 3-wheeled performance car powerd by a BMW K-Series motorcycle.

Its styling is a strong yet sleek, comfortable but still functional. With a low wide stance that gives you a solid firmly planted feel!

As in the above a Scorpion uses K-Series BMW power. The 16 valve, 1100cc, 4 cylinder motor, transmission, and paralever rear suspension are welded to the car's spaceframe style chassis. The front suspension and steering are custom made in house by Grinnal. This bad boy is available in kit or turnkey form. For more information contact:

Grinnall Cars Westbridge House, Heightington,Bewdly, Worcestershire, DY12 2YJ, U.K. Tel: +44 (1299) 822862 Fax: +44 (1299) 822889

The Blackjack Avion

The Blackjack Avion is a new two seater special, based on the CitroŽn powertrain and front suspension, fitted to a structural polyester body moulding and subframes. Front suspension has vertically mounted dampers and Blackjack anti-roll bar. Rear suspension has a special swinging arm with spring and damper unit. The wheels are 16" polished stainless steel wires, with aluminium hubs. The Avion has a moulded air deflector / windscreen - a full screen and weather equipment is under development.

Richard Oakes Ltd, Garland Villa, Cross Street, Helston, Cornwall. TR13 8NQ, England Telephone & Fax: 44 1326 574464 (UK: 01326574464)

The Texas Rocket

One of my three wheeler designs (I have several) exists as a prototype, and is pictured on several pages of this web site. Every kid who ever saw this car immediately called it "The Rocket Car!" Accordingly, I have named it "The Texas Rocket".

The Texas Rocket is powered by a 1100cc Honda Goldwing. Only one exists, the prototype shown on this web site. It seats two people in tandem. It is surprisingly comfortable with plenty of leg room front and rear. It is stable, fun to drive, and as easy to handle as any automobile. It will run a little over 100 mph. It is not intended to be a race car, just a fun little touring automobile.

I built this car fully intending to put it into kit-car production. As it turned out, other projects got in the way.

The Sparrow

The Sparrow uses the carpool lane because it registers as a motorcycle and is carrying 100% passenger capacity when driving alone. In some states, this also makes the Sparrow exempt from road/bridge tolls.

At 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, it easily parks in motorcycle parking. Saves a lot of parking area and can easily curb park just like a motorcycle.

Highly efficient and "Green", the Sparrow is powered by electricity and has Zero emissions.

Extremely cost effective: the average commuter will pay less than 75 cents per day to charge their car for the commute to work.

The Sparrow's small footprint allows it to curb park like a motorcycle, making it perfect for inner-city use. A standard parking lot could effectively hold 4 times as many Sparrows as standard cars.

The extremely stable and agile 3-wheel design is fun to drive and handles like a slot car. Features A-arm suspension in the front with a single sided swing arm in the rear. Disk brakes on all three wheels provide excellent stopping power.

Light weight mono-coque chassis is constructed of high-tech composites for strength and passenger safety. It's almost like driving down the road fully enclosed in a motorcycle helmet.

The Sparrow's electric motor provides excellent performance while its aerodynamic body slides through the wind effortlessly.

Regenerative braking uses the motor as a generator when slowing down to put power back into the battery pack.

The Roadstercycle

Fleming Engineering the parent company of California Roadstercycle Co. started in 1990 in a garage in Redondo Beach California .Since then many inventions were developed and sold. Then in 1994 the owner Jack Fleming decided to put all his efforts into development of a three wheeled vehicle. Being fully aware of all the failures of others that have tried to produce an appealing 3 wheeled vehicle for the masses he decided to combine two very successful vehicles. The all American roadster and the motorcycle. Thus the ROADSTERCYCLE. After 4 years of total commitment to the project the ROADSTERCYCLE is destined to become one of the hottest new vehicles to come out in years.

The goals were not simple: Produce a fun, reliable, easy to work on, good looking vehicle that anyone could drive easily. They accomplished this and much more in the process. Parts availability is fantastic, most parts are available from local parts stores or your CHEVROLET DEALER. The 4.3 liter engine is running well over 100,000 miles in most vehicles. The 3 speed turbo 350 transmission was used in CHEVROLET cars from 1968 till 1991 so it is a proven transmission with fabulous parts availability. Steering is simple and easy so anyone can drive it. All controls are hand operated so even individuals with leg problems are able to ride again.

Future: To continue to produce a safe, fun and reliable vehicle backed by fantastic customer service and a commitment to improving the product through customer suggestions and engineering skills.

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