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      1913 Morgan Sports Runabout

PictureAlthough HFS Morgan began building Three-Wheelers in 1910, the Morgan Motor Co. was not formed until 1912. 

The car shown at the left is a very early works car which was a highly successful competitor at early trials and hill climbs. By the end of 1913 this particular Trike had won more awards for reliability and speed than any other cyclecar or light car.

In 1913 another Morgan Three- Wheeler, called Jabberwock of Picardy, won the French Cyclecar Grand Prix with W.G. McMinnies behind the wheel.

1936 Morgan Super Sports


Bert Varadys 1936 Super Sports was completed in June 1998 after about 6 years in restoration. The car is Brunswick green with Oxblood interior. Power is provided by a Matchless MX2 (aircooled) V-Twin.

(June 1998 photo)

1936 Morgan F2

[Image]Colin & Janet Cobb of Las Cruces, NM, in the 1936 Three- Wheeled Roadster which they then owned

(Dec. 1996 photo)