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"Proper Three-Wheelers"

North American Trike, Issue No.1

North American Trike, Issue No.2

North American Trike, Issue No.3

North American Trike, Issue No.4

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Proper Three-Wheelers

by Colin P. Cobb

North American Trike is devoted to the restoration, use, and enjoyment of proper Three-Wheelers--generally referred to as "Trikes" by type aficiandos--on this side of the pond. "Proper" Three-Wheelers are those with the third wheel in the rear. Over the years Three-Wheelers have been manufactured under many marques. Indeed, several companies are manufacturing proper Three-Wheelers today. Perhaps the most noteworthy of the modern Three-Wheelers are those manufactured outside Norwich, England by Tony Divey under his Triking banner.

By far the most sucessful Trikes produced were built by the Morgan Motorcar Company in Malvern Link, England. While North American Trike hopes to serve the needs of all Trikesters, it is the Morgan Three-Wheeler which is most often addressed in these pages.