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Freeway: Photos

I just had to place one of these buggers in here!
Seems I always hear a voice say "Oh..Yeah, I've
seen one of them before." , so that kind'a crowd
responce places this little gem here for you to
see, I don't have alot of background on these
as I said earlier my wife and I seek power and
performance, this car seems to have a different
kind of a game plan, basic transportation from
point 'A' to point 'B', I'm sure you would smile
all the way there and back!!
The Freeway
Link From This Photo.

The Isetta
Link From This Photo.
The Isetta: Photos

Isetta a little car with a big history!
I understand that this three wheeled micro
machine may have been what saved BMW
from going belly-up! Imagine...that is
some little car! if any of you have
photos or information to share please
E-Mail me!

The Cursor: Photos Text

The Cursor Microcar is not a kit car.
It was a car of the 80's designed to
allow 16 year olds, to drive a car-type
vehicle on the roads of Britain, a full
year before they could legally drive a car.
The Cursor
Link From This Photo.

The Sparrow
Link From This Photo.
The Sparrow: Photos Text

A single passenger vehicle designed
specifically for commuters and inner-
city driving. Powered by thirteen 12
volt batteries, the Sparrow provides
an effective range of 30 to 60 miles
and a top speed of 65 mph.

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